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FormIDEA (Form Image Data Entry Assistant) is an intelligent forms processing add-in for Microsoft Office, which can help you to capture data from scanned or faxed paper forms directly into Excel workbooks - data fields of interest are automatically identified and extracted. Form data (such as machine-printed alphanumerical text, check marks, barcodes and linear marks) can be read automatically.


In addition, FormIDEA can help you to store paper forms into image-enabled electronic workbooks in Excel. This means that whenever you need to review original data or verify data entry results, you no longer need to search paper forms - FormIDEA provides smart image auto-tracking features to help you retrieve and view original data images instantly in Excel.


FormIDEA 4 product line includes three editions: FormIDEA 4.1 Standard (for Office 2010 only), FormIDEA 4.0 Standard & FormIDEA 4.0 Professional, each edition consists of two modules:

By using these two modules, you can easily build your customized forms processing solutions, such as automated data collection and analysis, and image-enabled form document management applications.



FormIDEA FormDefine Module

The FormIDEA FormDefine module is used to train your computer on form types you want to process.

FormDefine Module


With FormDefine, you can create reference forms by specifying data items you want to read, set validation rules on each data item, and map the data items to a workbook you want to create in Excel. The intelligent form recognition engine built in FormDefine allows you to create reference forms by scanning existing forms directly, which will be used by the FormIDEA Excel Add-in module to identify incoming forms and capture data.



FormIDEA Excel Add-in Module

FormIDEA Excel Add-in automatically captures data on scanned or faxed form images using a reference form created by the FormDefine module.

Advanced Forms Processing Features Added in Excel

  • Form identification.

  • Form registration - automatically corrects image skew, misalignment, orientation, scale and aspect-ratio variations.

  • Optical mark recognition (OMR) - supported types include filled-in bubbles or check-boxes for single or multiple choices, 2-dimensional check-box groups for alpha-numerical data entries.

  • Barcode recognition - automatically reads most commonly used barcode symbols, including Codabar, Code128, Code39, Int2of5, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA and UPCE.

  • Linear mark recognition (LMR) - special data marks used for numerical data entries.

  • * Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for capturing alphanumerical text data.

  • Batch mode processing.

  • Data image field auto-tracking (smart Click 'n View feature as shown below).

  • Data entry verification and validation.

  • Image-enabled workbook for form document management (indexing, archiving, retrieving, viewing and printing).

  • * Form-indexing based multiple-page merge capability for processing multiple-page forms.

  • Visual Basic programming interface for automating data capture workflow.

      * Feature enhancements of FormIDEA 4.0 Professional.

FormIDEA Add-In Module


Why Choose FormIDEA?


Leading Data Capture Software - High-End Technology with Low-End Price


If you would like to compare FormIDEA with other image data capture software, you can simply check if the software works with images that are

  • skewed,

  • misaligned (paper margin shifted during printing, copying and scanning),

  • scaled (when produced from different sources that may cause image resolution or aspect-ratio changes), or

  • scanned in opposite orientation (forms are fed upside down without pre-sorting).

Unlike most conventional forms processing software that rely on a single and consistent image source for acquiring perfect images, FormIDEA can process forms produced from different sources under different conditions. For example, it can automatically detect and correct image distortions in many imperfect scans, allowing you to choose from nearly any document image scanners without sacrificing data capture accuracy.


Powerful, Extensible & Customizable


FormIDEA is seamlessly integrated with Office/Excel to provide you with the combined power of intelligent image data capture, analysis, and management. Its innovative design enables you to work directly in Excel so that you can use the full functionality of Excel, including data analysis tools, VBA and XML support, database and web connectivity, for quick application deployment.



FormIDEA 4 Edition Comparison


The FormIDEA 4 product line includes FormIDEA 4.1 Standard (for Office 2010 only), FormIDEA 4.0 Standard and FormIDEA 4.0 Professional. Both Standard & Professional editions deliver powerful tools tailored to meet a variety of forms processing needs for business and data processing professionals. You can easily determine which edition is best for you by the type of forms and data you want to process and the version of Office you currently use.

=  Feature Included

Features 4.1 / 4.0 Standard 4.0 Professional
Form identification
Form registration
Optical mark recognition (OMR)
Barcode recognition
Linear mark recognition (LMR)
Batch mode processing
Data image field auto-tracking
Data entry verification and validation
Form archiving, retrieval and search
Visual Basic programming interface
Optical character recognition (OCR)
Multiple-page forms processing  


System Requirements

FormIDEA 4.1 Standard:
  • Office/Excel 2010
  • Windows XP (SP3) / Vista / 7 / 8
FormIDEA 4.0 Standard:
  • Office/Excel 2003 / 2007
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

FormIDEA 4.0 Professional:

  • Office 2007 on Windows Vista / 7 / 8
  • Office 2003 (without Office SP3) on Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Find additional descriptions and answers about FormIDEA for Microsoft Excel by visiting the Solutions and FAQ pages. You can also download FormIDEA Add-In Module to see the combined power of the FormIDEA and Excel. To make an order of FormIDEA for Excel, fill in and send us the Online Order Form.



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